Public speaking can grow your business

What’s the best way to grow your business?

Tiffany Scott is a Texas-based marketer specializing in helping women’s businesses grow and succeed. She kindly agreed to post her recent marketing talk here for us.

Last year, I over-complicated my business. I started to add in waaaaay too many things to generate more money.

This is a VERY common mistake for entrepreneurs. Call it ‘bright shiny object syndrome’ or simply too many ideas…or…scarcity mindset.

You get into a tizzy because you ‘need’ to make more money—so you create yet another program or try any opportunity that knocks on your door. Yep. Guilty as charged.

The truth is, you do NOT need to buy another program, or create another program, blog, update your website, grow your social media, write a book, create a podcast, build a funnel or grow your list. You heard me—none of it!

I grew my company into a 6-figure business (which by the way—this is not to boast—is just to make it measurable for you) simply by connecting with people. THAT’S IT.

I got on the phone, went to events, networked, and created community. ALL offline. I had no social media presence, no ‘bestselling’ book, no funnel or list.

The one key thing I did…was speak! I spoke on other people’s stages, hosted workshops, and created my own platform to speak from. Speaking can be scary, I get it. However, I knew I needed to get out of my own way if I want to spread my message AND make money.

Speaking and connecting is STILL the number one way I generate money in my business. In fact, I am the opening keynote speaker for a huge convergence of women in Las Vegas in April. Am I terrified? Heck, yes. Will I let it stop me? Heck, No!

No matter where you live, in a big city or a small town, you can use your voice to create connection, share what you do, and, more importantly, why you do it. Online or Offline—speak, share (from your heart), inspire, and you will generate money.

Your voice is your power. Be heard, share your wisdom.

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