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Six tips for centering yourself in a noisy world

I went to my business coach’s self-improvement seminar a few months ago, and picked up some great advice for improving daily habits. Here are six tips I gathered for improving your concentration, gaining focus and centering yourself in a noisy world. Enjoy!

  • Do some form of meditation at least 15 mins., and some form of exercises, daily. If she cannot meditate, Trine bows 108 times, a Buddhist focusing technique.
  • Anastasia does 2-10 minutes of deep breathing when she has busy thoughts.
  • Schedule time to drink water every few hours, such as at 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, etc.
  • Come up with three positive self-affirmations, and say them to yourself daily when you get up.
  • Decide on three primary goals you want to accomplished today, and do as many as you can. Carry over any undone ones for tomorrow.
  • Create artificial deadlines when you have unspecified completion goals, and keep them.

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