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Fall’s starting, let’s push big.

It’s a new season, let’s welcome it with new thinking.

We join a networking group to find new clients, learn about our partners and grow our companies. As seasons change, we can get complacent and set in our ways, but we don’t have to.

Every change in the weather can help us change our marketing skills. As we feel fresh breezes, we can learn new techniques to let people know who we are and what we’re great at doing.

Since it’s back to school season, consider taking a short course in your specialty; attend a workshop or training seminar.

These focused events usually get our creative juices flowing and bring us a wealth of new ideas; take advantage of them!


Who’s Got Time?

Boy, getting work is a lot of work.

One of the odd things about running a business is that the busier you are, the less time you have to market yourself. When you don’t have any work, you wonder how you might have lined up new prospects, but when you’re doing well, you often think things are great and won’t change.

Of course, that’s never true. It’s always important to plant seeds that grow into new opportunities every month, whether you’e flush or scrappy. Are you meeting new people? Revisiting prior acquaintances or prospects? Getting your message out?

You should make time to market yourself when it isn’t so important so when you are finally between gigs, you still have a stream of new opportunities lined up. Good luck!

Making Time.

Was the Force with you?

Empire or Rebellion, your business is worth fighting for.

Sure it was Star Wars Day this week, but that little geek-out didn’t affect your drive to improve your business, did it? Because sometimes we feel like the Empire, and sometimes we’re the Rebellion. Getting noticed is a challenge, and by yourself it’s hard to make a difference. That’s why we’re members of networking groups!

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