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Was the Force with you?

Empire or Rebellion, your business is worth fighting for.

Sure it was Star Wars Day this week, but that little geek-out didn’t affect your drive to improve your business, did it? Because sometimes we feel like the Empire, and sometimes we’re the Rebellion. Getting noticed is a challenge, and by yourself it’s hard to make a difference. That’s why we’re members of networking groups!

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What’s the best way to grow your business?

Tiffany Scott is a Texas-based marketer specializing in helping women’s businesses grow and succeed. She kindly agreed to post her recent marketing talk here for us.

Last year, I over-complicated my business. I started to add in waaaaay too many things to generate more money.

This is a VERY common mistake for entrepreneurs. Call it ‘bright shiny object syndrome’ or simply too many ideas…or…scarcity mindset.

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