Who dat?

The author in Wellington, New Zealand
I’m Eric Oxenberg, and I approve this message.

Eric Oxenberg

With over 20 years in the advertising game, Eric can hold his own in any agency bullpen, and probably crack a whip better than some. With one foot in the creative end of the pool, and the other firmly on top of some IT geek’s neck, Eric can dish it out and keep it real.

If you are interested in anything from Foursquare to Photoshop, PC weenies to Apple fanboys, web TV to online gaming, or flying saucers to food trucks, Eric’s your guy. Just don’t bug him while he’s napping, man.


This month, the blog was written with the generous assistance of Elegant ThemesStumptown French Roast Coffee, Morning Becomes Eclectic, AppleTV, Neil Stephenson, Let It Bleed, GrooveSalad, Pollo a la Brasa, and The Atlantic.

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